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Julie Wood PresentingMeet Dr. Julie M. Wood A creative expert in digital learning. Dr. Julie works with media developers for children, publishers of educational content, designers, education teams, schools, education forums and panels, and school districts as a consultant, speaker, and expert in literacy and technology.

Dr. Julie’s practical expertise will help you shape and form your ideas into original, workable, and educationally-sound offerings for children to truly learn.

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• Create children’s media programs that help kids really learn

•Align your digital product with the latest research on children’s learning

•Hire an expert on digital literacy to speak at your next forum, conference, or webinar

•Learn how to integrate new technologies into your educational setting

•Ensure your projects meet Common Core State Standards and Dept. of Ed. guidelines

Your Creative Digital Media Ideas Can Transform Learning

Kids Around a LaptopHow do you create educational products that are engaging for kids, but also grounded in a solid pedagogical foundation?  Collaborating with media designers of children’s interactive learning through TV, iBooks, Internet, smart phones, software, gaming is Dr. Julie’s specialty. Corporate media clients, like Disney Interactive and Nickelodeon, depend on her because she brings a rare combination of experience with both business and academia.

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Whether you’re a education publisher, online education provider, or school district, your goal is to improve student achievement. How do you integrate new technologies into your programming to ensure students are learning?

Dr. Julie provides professional development and consulting within the U.S. and internationally to show you how to use technology tools in your education setting to help narrow the achievement gap.

Her sound advice and expert facilitation is framed by her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Department of Education guidelines and Common Core State Standards.

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Get the Latest Research on Digital Learning

Dr. Julie gives talks, presentations, expert spots, and webinars to educators, school districts, and academic leaders on how to improve literacy learning using digital tools. As an expert on literacy and new technologies, she can present to your education or design team the latest research on digital literacy and children’s learning through technology.

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