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TechnoTeaching: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of the Global Classroom

by Julie M. WoodNicole PonsfordJulie M Wood
& Nicole Ponsford
Harvard Education Press (2013)

In their upcoming book, Julie Wood and Nicole Ponsford help educators step up their teaching in the digital age.

While other books tell educators why it’s important to integrate new tools, we show them how to create their own blueprint for integrating digital media for every day of the school year.

Hands-on and practical, TechnoTeaching: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of the Global Classroom is a must-read for every K-12 teacher.

Photo: Julie M. Wood © Susie Fitzhugh


Literacy OnlineLiteracy Online: New Tools for Struggling Readers and Writers

by Julie M. Wood
Forward by Victoria Purcell-Gates
ISBN-10: 0325003696 (July, 2004)
In recent years, while the computer has gone from a schoolhouse novelty to an invaluable teaching tool, Julie Wood has researched how twenty-first century technologies can help all students achieve full literacy. In Literacy Online, she demonstrates how strategically employing your classroom’s computer can help you find new solutions to a perennial challenge faced by every elementary teacher: engaging and encouraging struggling students while developing their reading and writing skills.

All you need to do is get students to the keyboard, then use Literacy Online’s practical suggestions on how using computers will develop underachieving students’ literacy skills in a project-based environment rich with meaning.

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