Creating Innovative Digital Media

Three kids on laptop smilingTV, DVDs, apps, gaming, smart phones—you name it—children have their hands on everything. How do you reach them with effective learning but keep it creative and fun? How do you grab the opportunity to teach children in our digital age?

Dr. Julie can serve as consultant, subject matter expert, and Advisory Board member who can help you incorporate into your media products the best practices of children’s learning and development—without taking away the fun.

Dr. Julie will align your project with the latest research on how children learn, their socio-emotional development, and new developments in the field of learning with technology.

Having served in these capacities for several products designed and produced by Apple, Scholastic, Disney, PBS, and more, Dr. Julie brings years of experience, expertise, and practical advise to designers of children’s media and transmedia.  Working with scriptwriters, designers, game developers, Dr. Julie helps secure the underpinnings of children’s media projects, making sure your creative ideas transfer into kids actually learning.

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