Pioneering EdTech Publications

5 Missed Opportunities to Help Struggling Readers & What You Can Do About Them
Scholastic (2005)

Mission Possible: Reaching All Learners with Technology: A Tale of Three Technology-using Teachers (2004)
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Better Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom: New Literacies: New Skills for a New Millennium
Co-authored with Andrea Oseas
Harvard Education Publishing Group (2003)

Content Editor, Greenwood Dictionary of Education
John W. Collins III & Nancy Patricia O’Brien (eds.).
Reading and language arts entries
Greenwood, Heinemann, Westport, CT (2003)

Can Software Support Children’s Vocabulary Development?
Language Learning & Technology, an online professional journal (2001)

A Marriage Waiting to Happen: Computers and Process Writing
Education Development Center (2000)

The Digital Classroom
 “Charlotte’s Web Meets the World Wide Web”
Harvard Education Publishing Group (2000)

Insights: Innovative Teachers Hindered by the Green-Eyed Monster
Harvard Education Letter

Ten Ways to Take Charge of the Web – Easy Strategies for Internet Smarts
Instructor Magazine
, Scholastic (2000)

The Girls Have It: Gender Issues in Science, Math, and Technology
Instructor Magazine
, Scholastic (2000)

Author, Author!
Instructor Magazine
, Scholastic (2000)

Inside “Reading Rainbow”: A Spectrum of Strategies for Promoting Literacy
Co-authored with Nell K. Duke
Language Arts, 74, 95-105 (1997)